SAS Rescue & Taking Back South Georgia | Mick Eivers | #266

SAS rescue & taking back South Georgia, features Mick Eivers who served in the Royal Navy aboard HMS Antrim, during the Falklands War.

SAS Rescue & Taking Back South Georgia | Mick Eivers

Michael Eivers is a veteran of the Royal Navy and served aboard the HMS Antrim during the Falklands conflict. Mick’s detailed account goes into the rescue of SAS troopers during a whiteout, taking out the Argentine submarine, Santa-Fe and dealing with damage onboard his ship.

Transcript from ‘SAS Rescue & Taking Back South Georgia’ podcast

Mick – We took them almost up to Ascension island and then transferred them all to other vessels. Then they were going to be repatriated via Uruguay and once we’d carried this out, we then joined up with the main task force. I’ll tell you something now that they come into play later. On the upper deck it was warm so we must have still been around Ascension. I remember looking up and I could see this Vulcan bomber flying overhead. I thought it was part of the task force.

Not knowing anything about black book missions and I only found out about all that later. We we’re heading back down to the Falklands and some of the ships had already been down there. They had been firing on Argentine positions, naval gunfire support, that that sort of thing. Probably inserting Special Forces for reconnaissance and eventually told that we were going to escort the main landings.

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