The Ghost Debunker | Richard Case | Bought The T-Shirt Podcast #265

The Ghost Debunker features Richard Case, who has been featured on national television and radio, as a sceptical paranormal investigator.

The Ghost Debunker | Richard Case | Bought The T-Shirt Podcast

Former policeman Richard Case, is often featured on BBC and Talk Radio as a contributor, investigating paranormal activity and debunking ghost stories. He is also a witchcraft historian, writer and presenter.

Transcript from ‘The Ghost Debunker’ podcast

Richard – How do you define a ghost? The truth of the matter is, nobody actually knows what a ghost is. You see these people on television or you even see them on Youtube with all their gadgets. The funny thing is, they don’t really know what one is. How they can detect one is beyond me. They believe there is an afterlife and many people believe that they can just appear.

Something major happens in a house, like a murder and the building records the event. So you’re not seeing ghosts that you can interact with. What you’re actually seeing is a recording of it. Sometimes people are there at that precise moment and other times they’re not. I’ll give you a quick example.

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