Champion Fights & Bangkok Nights | Dave Mears | Podcast #211

Champion fights & Bangkok nights, features Dave Mears who is a Taekwondo world-champion.

Champion Fights & Bangkok Nights | Dave Mears

Dave Mears is a former Taekwondo world champion. After being a successful teacher, Dave moved to Thailand and managed several award-winning bars. Famous guests include Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and Hollywood legend, Steven Seagal.

Transcript from ‘Champion Fights & Bangkok Nights’ podcast

Dave – I had a very good instructor. He was very proactive and he drove me everywhere, to take me to the England squad training. My big chance came and I was selected for the England team. It’s like going through selection with the forces. You know you’ve got to be in it, to win it. Incidentally, I followed the Royal Marines fitness course. The USA were undisputedly the best kickboxing team in the world. I trained professionally six days a week for several hours a day.

I’d start the day with my running coach for a 10 mile road run in the morning. We could do that in 50 to 55 minutes which is not bad considering we’re not runners. During our run back, we’d have a little break, then we’d go into the weight room to do the weight training.

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