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Doing business with The Krays, features Steve Wraith who is a doorman turned actor, in films such as Rise Of The Footsoldier and ITV’s Vera.

Doing Business With The Krays | Steve Wraith

Steve Wraith is a former TA soldier, doorman, actor and writer. His film credits include, Rise of The Foot Soldier, The Krays: Dead Man Walking and the hit television police drama, Vera.

Transcript from ‘Doing Business With The Krays’ podcast

Steve – I was just myself and I wasn’t pretending to be somebody I wasn’t. I guess I was valuable in that the twins were inside. I was a small cog in a big machine. Rightly or wrongly, they were making themselves some money but also making myself some money as well.

Chris – The whole train robber thing is a tragedy wasn’t it? I met Buster once, I think it was on Charing Cross platform and he was selling flowers. He later committed suicide. When you look at the enormity of what they pulled off and then the reality of what they had to live with. It wasn’t the result that they all hoped for was it?

Steve – No, I mean it’s a fascinating crime, as it’s a crime against the Queen really.

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