Broke DJ To Millionaire Playboy | Podcast #172

Mark held a residency at the Ministry of Sound and bagged a UK Singles Chart Top 10 hit with his remix of Lou Reed’s, Satellite of Love”. After battling severe illness, bankruptcy and depression, he rebuilt his life, going from a broke DJ to millionaire playboy.

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Broke DJ To Millionaire Playboy

Mark held a residency at the Ministry of Sound and bagged a UK Singles Chart Top 10 hit with his remix of Lou Reed’s, ‘Satellite of Love’. Mark’s DJ career saw him tour the world and he was living the superstar DJ lifestyle, until he tragically collapsed with an incurable disease. With constant agony and taking painkillers, Mark fell into bankruptcy, depression and dark thoughts. With a major twist, Mark rebuilt his life and he now helps others lead a more fulfilled life. His debut book entitled, ‘Life Remixed’ is out now.

Transcript from ‘Broke DJ To Millionaire Playboy’ podcast

C – All those of us who used to wonder what’s it like to be the guy in the booth. You know what what what sort of challenges we face because obviously we only see the glamorous side in the clubs. This is the book folks so there’ll be a link for it below. It’s titled, ‘Life remixed’ and yes I’m absolutely delighted to welcome Mark Wilkinson.

M – Hi mate. Thanks for that. It was a really lovely intro and review.  I really appreciate it.

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