Sentenced To Death By The DPR | Shaun Pinner Ukraine Marines #301

Sentenced to death by the DPR, features Shaun Pinner who was serving with the Ukrainian Marines & captured after the Russian invasion.

Sentenced To Death By The DPR | Shaun Pinner Ukraine Marines

Shaun Pinner is a former British soldier from the Royal Anglian Regiment, who joined the Ukrainian marines. When the Russian invasion of Ukraine started, he and his colleagues were right at the front of the action. Eventually captured and sentenced to death, but freed in September as part of a prisoner exchange. Shaun had previously served with the United Nations mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina. With Shaun’s previous military experience, he was made squad commander in Ukraine.

Transcript from ‘Sentenced To Death By The DPR’ podcast

Shaun – I was losing weight and then on top of that, we had the interrogations and everything else which just meant I was always fighting lack of intake of food. I was just starving to death and I still say to people, it’s the worst form of torture. You’re just sitting in the cell all day and you’re just thinking about food and where you can get your next food. If you’re in an isolation cell, you don’t know what’s happening and what’s going on. I was quite lucky because I could speak a bit of Russian. When I met the other guys, I was a translator and had an understanding of what was going on.

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