The World’s Hardest Man WOKE UP | Lee Morrison | #185

The world’s hardest man woke up, features Lee Morrison, chatting with Chris Thrall. Lee runs the Urban Combatives course and here he talks about his life as a street-fighter, doorman and martial-arts experience.

The World’s Hardest Man WOKE UP | Lee Morrison | #185

Former Royal Marines Commando Chris Thrall chats with Lee Morrison from Urban Combatives – a no-nonsense-approach fight school. Lee grew up in violence on the streets, but now focuses his efforts on tackling the oppression facing all of us.

Transcript from ‘The World’s Hardest Man’ podcast

Chris – I was looking at your stuff on the internet earlier. You look like the world’s hardest man.

Lee – Yes it’s not just about being how to handle yourself, it’s about being able to control your mind. I think it all comes down to that because you know, if you can control your thoughts on a regular basis you become a master of your thoughts. You can control your feelings and if you control your feelings, that’s your entire state of being so I think that’s very important. It’s not so much what goes on around us, although that’s horrendous enough, but it really comes down to how you respond to it.

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