King Arthur & The History Of Stonehenge | Bought The T-Shirt #233

King Arthur & the history of Stonehenge, features Arthur Pendragon who is a veteran and self-declared reincarnation of King Arthur.

King Arthur & The History Of Stonehenge

King Arthur Uther Pendragon is an eco-campaigner, Druid leader and self-declared reincarnation of King Arthur. Born into a working-class family, Arthur served in the Royal Hampshire Regiment and went on to form the Loyal Arthurian Warband. Angered by the English Heritage charging money to visit Stonehenge, he picketed outside on a daily basis. Joining with the council of British Druid Orders, they campaigned for open access to Stonehenge. Arthur has also stood in several elections as an independant candidate for Salisbury. In 2003, Pendragon published his autobiography, ‘The Trials of Arthur’.

Transcript from ‘King Arthur & The History Of Stonehenge’ podcast

Arthur – One of the arguments I had with the Pagan community, is if you go around Britain and look at a lot of the sacred Pagan sites, they were at one stage Christianized. Effectively what he was saying, was that if they’re going to go and worship anyway, you may as well build a church. A lot of the Pagans say, well what the hell is that doing on an ancient Pagan site? They Christianized it and they’ve stole it and I always say no.

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