TAKEN In Afghanistan | Asad Qureshi | Podcast | #187

TAKEN In Afghanistan

Taken in Afghanistan, features Asad Qureshi chatting about his abduction by the Asian Tigers, whilst he was making a film in North Waziristan, interviewing Taliban leaders.

TAKEN In Afghanistan | Asad Qureshi | Podcast | #187

Asad Qureshi is a British filmmaker who was kidnapped on 26 March 2010 by a militant group calling themselves, The Asian Tigers. He was making a film in North Waziristan and interviewing Taliban leaders. Qureshi was accompanied by his driver, Rustam Khan and two senior members of the Inter-Services Intelligence. All four men were abducted and Khalid was killed. Asad and Rustam were released in September 2010, after they’d been held in captivity for one hundred and sixty five days. Colonel Imam was then executed in January 2011. The two men’s release was a rare occurrence, as the Pakistani Taliban had been known to kill most of their victims.

Transcript from ‘TAKEN In Afghanistan’ podcast

Chris – Hello Asad, you’ve said that you’re originally from Pakistan.

Asad – Yes I was born in Pakistan and we moved to England in the sixties.

Chris – Through your work, you’ve spent a lot of time in the middle-east. Do you get to go to Pakistan often?

Asad – Yes I moved to Pakistan to be closer to my parents.

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