The Man Who Protects BEAR GRYLLS | Born Survivor | #191

The Man Who Protects Bear Grylls

The man who protects Bear Grylls, features Scott Heffield, who is a television location scout & creative manager for Bear Grylls.

The Man Who Protects BEAR GRYLLS | Born Survivor

Former Royal Marine Scott Heffield is a TV location scout, crew safety risk management manager and creative producer for such productions as Born Survivor (Man Vs Wild), Netflix, National Geographic, NBC, Discovery. He is also the man who protects Bear Grylls.

Transcript from ‘The Man Who Protects Bear Grylls’ podcast

Scott – I should add, being a police officer you see a side of life. A lot of people don’t. At the time I’d left the marines, I thought it was quite tough and then I joined the police. I realized that would toughen me up. You know, Thursday, Friday, Saturday night in a big town or city centre. With going from fight to fight, you soon have a different perspective on life I tell you. You know, different from the corps, not better or worse, just certainly different.

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