Who Dares Wins Podcast Pt 2 | Mark Ryan | #183

Who Dares Wins Podcast Pt 2, features Mark Ryan. Mark is an English actor turned Hollywood star and former British military Intelligence operative.

Who Dares Wins Podcast Pt 2 | Mark Ryan | #183

Mark Ryan is an English actor turned Hollywood star and former British military Intelligence operative. Join former Royal Marines Commando Chris Thrall as he chats to Mark, whom starred in the all-time SAS Special Air Service classic film ‘Who Dares Wins’. Mark is also the voice of Bumblebee in the Transformers movie series and is a former intelligence officer. PART 1 HERE: https://youtu.be/qEZx6hfdjPg

Transcript text from ‘Who Dares Wins Podcast Pt 2’

Chris – Now we’re gonna talk about Robin of Sherwood, which was which was huge in the nineteen eighties.

Mark – I don’t think that show could be made now Chris, to be honest with you. Not for the money and again, it was of its time and it was almost like a time capsule in a way. Not just the contents of the show. I’m actually proud of the fact for those whom don’t remember, God what was her name? Her name flipped through my head she was was the lady who was the moral arbiter of the U.K.

Chris – Mary Whitehouse

Mark – Yes, she hated the show.

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