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world champion streaker

World champion streaker features Mark Roberts, who has streaked at Wimbledon, the Super-Bowl, Miss World and the Olympic games.

World Champion Streaker | Mark Roberts

Mark Roberts is the world’s most famous streaker. After his first naked dash, he continued to strip off at every major sporting event, including, Wimbledon, the Super-Bowl and the Olympic Games. Following a 2001 conviction for streaking, Mark had to surrender his passport whenever an English football team played abroad. British TV viewers will remember Mark’s infiltration of Fred Talbot’s weather map on ITV’s ‘Good Morning Britain’. A celebrity in his own right, Mark has featured in numerous television adverts and a 2011 Banksy-produced documentary, ‘The Antics Roadshow’.

Transcript from ‘World Champion Streaker’ podcast

Mark – I hadn’t even looked into the stadium and one of the first things I saw was a fella with a chicken, swinging it around his head. You know, watching the game, it was a carnival Chris. It was a party atmosphere. So I walked down the main stand and took the clothes off. The all-blacks were playing South Africa at the time, so I just ran on backwards, bollock-naked. As I ran up, I picked up the ball, ran the whole length of the field and scored a try. That moment changed my life forever. As I turned around, the whole stadium of sixty-five thousdand people, were all on their feet screaming and cheering.

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