RUNNING HOMELESS FOR CHRISTMAS ?? ?? Hello Friends! I hope this finds you well. I’m Chris Thrall. I’m a former Royal Marines Commando turned author, adventurer and the host of the popular Bought the T-Shirt Podcast. I’m been fortunate to have lived, worked and travelled in over 85 countries across all seven continents. […]

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#44 Royal Marines Commando | Afghanistan | Ben Williams | Bought The T-Shirt Podcast

Transcript snippet from podcast Chris and Ben ‘Hello Friends, C – Ben, how are you brother? B – Good, yes, how are you? C – Great thanks, it’s always nice to be asked that on my own podcast. Where about in the world are you? I thought you were quite local to me in the […]

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#121 From Red Arrows To 747 Pilot | Squadron Leader Andy Wyatt | Bought The T-Shirt Podcast

Andy started his career in the Royal Air Force (RAF) in 1979 and after completing flying training flew the iconic English Electric Lightning with 11(F) Squadron at Royal Air Force Binbrook in Lincolnshire. His duties included intercepting intruding Russian aircraft during the height of the Cold War. 4 years flying the Lightning was followed by […]

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#123 UDA Commander & Loyalist Gunrunner | Frank Portinari | Bought The T-Shirt Podcast

On Bank Holiday Monday, 31st May 1993. I was arrested in Birmingham by armed police officers. I was subsequently charged with possession of weapons. There was also a second charge of possession with intent to supply persons unknown, with intent to endanger the lives of persons unknown. After pleading guilty, I was sentenced to 5 […]

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#124 USMC Drill Instructor PASSES Royal Marines Commando Course | Sgt. Robert Gabrych | SWAT Team

Robert was a platoon sergeant in the United States Marine Corp (USMC) who was later attached to the Royal Marines at the training centre in Lympstone and passed the elite commando course. He was an elite swimmer scout who went on to become a police officer in the SWAT team. Transcript snippet from podcast Chris […]

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#125 Running The Americas | Jamie Ramsay | Extreme Endurance Athlete | Ultrarunning

Jamie is an Endurance Adventure Athlete, presenter, public speaker and brand ambassador. He has completed over 32,000km of human-powered adventuring in 29 countries and 20 different adventures. He is a runner, cyclist, trekker and mountaineer. Transcript snippet from podcast Chris and Jamie C – Jamie, how are you brother? J – I’m very well thank […]

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#126 Scotland Yard’s Toughest Undercover Cop | Peter Bleksley | Channel 4’s ‘Hunted’ | True Crime Podcast

Peter Bleksley is a former New Scotland Yard detective, presenter and author. Viewers of New Scotland Yard Files will most likely recognise him as the ‘The Chief’ on Channel 4’s Hunted from 2015 until 2019. Bleksley joined the Metropolitan Police force in 1978 and his first posting was to Peckham police station in South London. […]

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#127 SAS Captain | Mercenary | Political Prisoner | Simon Mann | Bought The T-Shirt Podcast

Simon Mann is a British former Special Air Service (SAS) army officer and legendary condottiere (not mercenary as often wrongly labelled). Simon trained at Sandhurst and was commissioned into the Scots Guards. On leaving the military, he co-founded the private military company, Executive Outcomes and co-founded Sandline International with fellow ex-Scots Guards Colonel Tim Spicer […]

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#128 Private Military Contractor To Everest | Richie Maybank | Bought The T-Shirt Podcast

Richie and I discuss his work as a private military security contractor in Iraq, the dangers of partying in Thailand and his summiting Mount Everest. Transcript snippet from podcast Chris and Richie C – Richie how are you brother? R – Yeah I’m good mate how are you, thanks for having me on. C – […]

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#129 COMMANDO Mindset Vs ULTRA | Gavin Boyter & Aradhna Tayal Talk Running With Royal Marine Chris Thrall

Paris – Strasbourg – Munich – Vienna – Budapest – Bucharest – Istanbul. Armed with a toilet trowel and a converted Mazda Bongo called Roxy, ultrarunner and filmmaker Gavin Boyter embarked on a long-distance challenge to run the 3400km from Paris to Istanbul ultrarunning the route of the Orient Express. Gavin crossed 180 rivers and […]

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#130 Tough New Zealand Cop Battles Mongrel Mob | Bought The T-Shirt Podcast

Tough New Zealand cop battled the notorious Mongrel Mob motorcycle gang and dealt with gruesome traffic fatalities – but his biggest success came in overcoming the panic attacks that almost ruined his life. Transcript snippet from podcast Chris and Shaun C – Shaun how are you mate? S – Great Chris, yourself? C – I’m […]

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#131 Undercover Cop Exposes UK Gang Truth | Neil Woods | Bought The T-Shirt

One of the UK’s most notorious undercover cops exposes the truth about UK gang culture and the battle he faced in the aftermath. Transcript snippet from podcast Chris and Neil C – Hi everyone, glad you could join us for this episode with Neil Woods, as he has a fantastic story as one of the most […]

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