British Bobsleigh Pilot | Adam Baird | Royal Marines | #103

British Bobsleigh Pilot Adam Baird

British Bobsleigh Pilot, features Adam Baird, a former Royal Marines Commando who became an expert in the world of Bobsleigh and powerlifting.

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British Bobsleigh Pilot | Adam Baird

Adam (Adz) Baird joined the GB Bobsleigh set up as a pilot ahead of the 2019/20 sliding season. He made his GB debut in Winterberg on the Europa Cup circuit in December 2019, when he finished 24th alongside Lawrence Taylor. A serving member of the Royal Marines for 12 years, he began his bobsleigh career competing for the Marines and the Royal Navy in 2017. Adz comes from an active sporting background, having competed at national level in powerlifting, for which he has a 247.5kg deadlift personal best in the 82.5kg category as well as rugby union and rugby 7’s for the Royal Marines with rugby league for the Royal Marines and Royal Navy teams. His time in the military has seen multiple deployments around the globe, including a tour of Afghanistan in 2010.

Transcript snippet from ‘British Bobsleigh Pilot | Adam Baird’ podcast

Chris and Adam

C – Adam how are you brother?

A – Yeah very well Chris thank you, how are you?

C – Yeah I’m firing mate, and I’m really excited for this chat. People will get sick of me saying this, but I started doing this podcast to chat to fascinating people who do stuff that I would like to do! Or stuff that I have done. Funny enough, you might not believe this but I have done the bobsled.

A – Have you really?

C – Yeah, I say it tongue in cheek because I did the tourist taxi bob, but it was still the full on experience.

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