Private Military Contractor To Everest | #128

Private Military Contractor To Everest, features Richie Maybank, who was a private military security contractor in Iraq. He and Chris chat about the dangers of partying in Thailand and Ritchie reaching the summit of Mount Everest.

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Private Military Contractor To Everest | Richie Maybank

Richie and I discuss his work as a private military security contractor in Iraq, the dangers of partying in Thailand and his summiting Mount Everest.

Transcript snippet from ‘Private Military Contractor To Everest | Richie Maybank’ podcast

Chris and Richie

C – Richie how are you brother?

R – Yeah I’m good mate how are you, thanks for having me on.

C – It’s my pleasure mate, anything about Everest, I’m all ears and I’ve got big enough ears as it is. So when you sent your email to me, it’s fascinating stuff. You spent a lot of time in Thailand I believe?

R -Yeah I was living there, between work in the Middle East and holidaying in the Himalayas.

C – I loved every single minute of being in Thailand, even when I got my nose broken by a Thai doorman.

R – Happens a lot that sort of thing.

C – It was still a great night! Little tip for you there folks, if you ever get mugged in a Thai bar by the bar staff, which they used to do. I’m not sure what it’s like in the modern tourism world there. Rather than trying to fight the bouncer, just go and speak to the tourist police and they’ll get your money back for you.

R – You don’t fight one, you fight ten as well.

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