SAS Operator JUMPS From BURNING PLANE | Jamie Hull | #193

sas operator jumps from burning plane

SAS operator jumps from burning plane, features Jamie Hull, who whilst on fire himself, made the decision to jump from his burning plane.


SAS trooper and trainee pilot Jamie Hull, was flying solo when his aircraft caught fire. It should have been the end of his life, but it was the beginning of his story. With flames up to his chin, he brought the plane in, climbed out and jumped from the wing. As he lay on the ground, fully conscious, waiting for the emergency services, he could smell his flesh burn.

Transcript from SAS Operative JUMPS From Burning Plane

Jamie – I’ve got my left hand on the control stick, my right hand on the throttle and I’m banking around to my left. The fire externally that I’d witnessed outside through the canopy window, breached the cockpit internally and suddenly I looked down at my feet working on the rudder pedal. I looked down and I could see the yellow flame sort of breach and the flames were lapping around my feet and my ankles. So you know I won’t deny that initially there was starting to be this panic in my mind and I’m starting to take stock of what’s going on inside that small two-seater chamber.

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