Record Breaking Cyclist & World Triathlon Champion | Kate Strong | #246

Record breaking cyclist & world triathlon, features Kate Strong who is an Olympic world champion triathlon athlete.

Record Breaking Cyclist & World Triathlon Champion

Kate Strong became the World Triathlon Champion in 2014 after events in her life had spiralled out of control. Financially in debt, she took up running and became the world’s best athlete in her field. Kate became a performance and leadership coach before reaching the summit of Mount Blanc with her 71 year old father. In 2021 Kate undertook three world record attempts in cycling and has no plans for taking things easy. Her positive spirit and podcasts are an inspiration for people who are struggling to push forward in life. In 2023, Kate and her partner will be undertaking a mammoth bike ride to raise awareness of global health. Their journey will take them around the coastline of England, Scotland and Wales, which is approximately 3000 miles.

Transcript from ‘Record Breaking Cyclist’ podcast

Kate – I was running in the blue mountains where I lived in Australia at the time and it was a great way for me to build up that integrity and put myself first. There’s the three sisters and lived very close to there actually in a place called Blackheath. I was in one of those towns very near to the the three sisters and there was a bush fire and it’s just smoke everywhere and I stopped for a bit to have a look.

I was quite pleased to get back in my hire car and bug out of there. Yes it’s very wild and we forget sometimes. I live in Britain now and we forget how wild the world is you know?

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