Bravo Three Zero | Des Powell SAS | Bought The T-Shirt Podcast #243

Bravo Three Zero features Des Powell, who served in the Parachute regiment and the Special Air Service, during the first Gulf War.

Bravo Three Zero | Behind Enemy Lines | Des Powell SAS

Des Powell served in the Parachute Regiment as a sergeant major and served another 20 years in the SAS. A former PT instructor in 1 PARA, he became the Unarmed Combat and Fitness instructor for B Squadron SAS. He helped pioneer HALO, HAHO and other covert airborne entry techniques. The SAS were called upon to hunt down the mobile Scud rocket launchers in Iraq. Much has been written about the ill-fated Bravo Two Zero patrol. Des has set the record straight with his exceptional book, ‘SAS Bravo Three Zero, The Explosive Untold Story’.

Transcript from ‘Bravo Three Zero’ podcast

Des – Parachuting can be high altitude, which is HALO high altitude low opening and here’s HAHO, high altitude high opening. It’s to deal with oxygen and you’d normally jump in at night, at 25,000 feet. That’s approximately five miles up.

I was in Air Troop B-Squadron and I really enjoyed my time there. I’ve talked about Air Troop, Mountain, Boat and Mobility. All the soldiers have the same skills, it’s just how we gain entry to a particular conflict zone, that are different.

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