Britain’s Elite Pathfinders | Steve Brown | Parachute Regiment | #237

Britain’s Elite Pathfinders, features Steve Brown who served with 3 Para and completed six tours of duty over his 27 year service.

Britain’s Elite Pathfinders

Steve Brown is a 27 year veteran of the British Army. He served with 3 Parachute Regiment from 1993 to 2020, completing six tours of duty with 3 PARA and the Pathfinders. His work took him across the globe, from the jungles of Sierra Leone to the harsh deserts of the middle-east. Steve has also taught combat survival to service personnel all around the world.

Transcript from ‘Britain’s Elite Pathfinders’ podcast

Steve – There was one time we were out in Afghanistan and we’re heading towards a town. We’re getting to an obvious sort of choke point and this is dodgy, but we’ve got to go through it. You can’t just turn off a mission because you think it’s dangerous. Obviously the mission is dangerous by nature and while we’re doing that, the guy picked up a transmission on the radio and someone said they are coming.

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