Banged Up Abroad | Surviving Spain’s Toughest Jail | #192

Banged up abroad features Terry Daniels chatting about her incarceration after being falsely accused of drug smuggling.

Banged Up Abroad | Surviving Spain’s Toughest Jail

In 1997, English holidaymaker Terry Daniels, was wrongfully accused of smuggling a million pounds worth of cocaine from Brazil to Spain. Although Terry didn’t know it at the time, her companion had been paid by a judge and two police officers to transport the class A drugs. After being charged with drug trafficking, she was eventually granted bail but then suffered a near-fatal brain hemorrhage. Once she recovered, the Spanish authorities granted her the right to return to the UK. She assumed that her ordeal was over, but it had only just begun.

Transcript from ‘Banged Up Abroad’ podcast

Chris – We should point out from the beginning that you were innocent. A lot of the banged up abroad just did it didn’t they? But in your case, you were not so much stitched up, but you were in bad company.

Terry – I think anything abroad is a different ball-game altogether. I’ve heard so many stories and to this day, there are stories coming out of people waiting eight years for sentencing.

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