Is the Earth flat? My expedition to Antarctica | Podcast | #1

Is the Earth flat, my expedition to Antarctica, sees me telling my story regarding my trip to Antartica.

Is the Earth flat? I went on an expedition to Antarctica to find out! A growing number of theorists believe the earth is flat and Antarctica is an ice wall. In view of this, they are hosting conventions and planning cruises, a TV series and an expedition to find out hidden truths.  Even YouTube’s Logan Paul wants to journey to the fringe of the Planet and put together a mockumentary The Flat Earth: to the Edge and Back giving flat-earthers a well-known face, but it was just a publicity stunt.

Chris Thrall’s expedition to Antarctica to investigate Flat Earth

Back in 2011 I was a member of an expedition to Antarctica and the Polar circle to see if it is a flat earth. In this YouTube podcast I tell you of my experience of landing on rocks (i.e. not an ice wall) and not finding any armed guards. In his attempt to explore the vast white continent I dived on icebergs and with leopard seals and spent the night sleeping out in only a bivvy bag.

chris thrall diving on iceberg
Chris Thrall Diving on an Iceberg in the Antarctic Polar Circle

Read Chris’s FULL blog post about his flat earth expedition to Antarctica

The journey south …

It’s not easy travelling south these days, not like it was in the early part of the 20th century for the likes of Shackelton, Scott and Amundsen, whose sole preoccupation was sailing on the open ocean with nothing to occupy their time but stroking huskies and fellow expedition members. No, these days you have to battle your way to the Polar Circle through a never-ending stream of frigid bergs hovering below the waterline ready to sink your chances of making Queen, Kate Middleton and Country proud … in the form of airport security, Immigration and KLM stewardesses.

Following 40 minutes at Heathrow having my hand luggage searched to check I wasn’t carrying more than my allotted allowance of Semtex, detonators and radical-extremist literature, I ran to the departure gate, gutted that I had to forgo my pre-flight pint and the chance to spend time enjoying the truly authentic British pub atmosphere that only an airport departure lounge can offer.

Plan B, I opted for a bottle of Jack Daniels from the tax-free shop, only to be told by the shop assistant that I couldn’t take it onwards following my connection in Amsterdam and that I would have to drink it on the hour-and-a-half plane ride. Contingency plan! “What would Scott have done in this situation?” I asked myself. So, surreptitiously, I did drink it on the plane, despite having read the in-flight magazine which clearly stated the not bringing of alcohol on-board – along with electronic cigarettes, East Europeans and badger porn.

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