Tornado pilot with Tim Davies | Fast Jet Performance | #76

Tornado pilot with Tim Davies. Join Tim and Chris Thrall for an in-depth chat regarding flying in a state-of-the-art fighter plane.

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Tornado Pilot | Tim Davies | Fast Jet Performance

Join me for a fascinating chat with former Tornado pilot Tim Davies from Fast Jet Performance as we discuss everything you ever wanted to know about flying a state-of-the-art attack plane. Our LIVE chat Q&A is HERE:

Transcript snippet from ‘Tornado Pilot | Tim Davies’ podcast

Chris and Tim

C – Tim, how are you brother?

T – Good thanks Chris, lovely to be hear.

C – Yes, now we got to pretend like we haven’t been talking for the last hour.

T – You’ve ruined everything!

C – Our secret is out.

T – Exactly

C – Well my gosh, again I’m so lucky doing what I do Tim you know. I really get to chat, not only to the most fascinating people on the planet, but all the people if I was to have my choice in life, who am I going to chat to today, it’s going to be people like yourself. So thank you so much for coming and sharing your wisdom and your experience. A fighter pilot, how did that come about?

T – You know it’s interesting because I was actually a bomber pilot. When you say you’re a bomber pilot to the civilian community they don’t understand what that is because they’ve seen Top Gun and you know I get it. I was a Tornado GR4 pilot, which is the aircraft you can see just on the back over here. As we said previously before we came on air, father was in the military. Fathers, fathers, father was in the military. So I ended up going into the military…

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