Royal Marine & USMC Veteran React To Each Other’s Training | #43

Royal Marine & USMC Veteran React To Each Other’s Training, features Chris chatting with Theo, from the highly popular, ‘Combat Arms Channel’ on YouTube.
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Who’s training is the hardest, the United States Marine Corps or the British Royal Marines? Former marine Chris Thrall and USMC veteran (Combat Arms Channel) react, respect and discuss.

Transcript snippet from ‘Royal Marine & USMC Veteran React To Each Other’s Training’ podcast

‘Hello Friends,

Chris and Theo

C – Theo, how are you brother?

T – I’m good, thanks for having me on.

C – Thanks for coming on, it’s good to chat. and you’re over there in Korea of all places.

T – Yeah I am, but it’s actually getting a lot better here, with the virus situation. The restrictions are getting a better, and it’s getting warmer too. How’s everything over there.

C – Yeah, well we’re still on what you call lockdown, and you know a bit about that. Doesn’t really effect me to much because I work from home anyway and we can get a bit if sun in the garden. Having a military mindset can get you prepared for these situations anyway … ‘


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