Becoming The 0.1% | Royal Marines | Gareth Timmins | Podcast #213

Becoming the 0.1% features Gareth Timmins, a veteran Royal Marines commando, turned top-selling author.

Becoming The 0.1% | Royal Marines | Gareth Timmins

Gareth Timmins is a former Royal Marines Commando, turned author and behavioural scientist. While undertaking the world’s hardest basic training, Gareth was awarded the shooting medal, eventually representing the Royal Marines shooting team. After leaving The Royal Marines, Gareth’s book, ‘Becoming the 0.1%’, has become a best seller.

Transcript from ‘Becoming The 0.1%’ podcast

Gareth – It was almost like an anchor of stability and an extrinsic motivational factor for me to stay in. Imagine coming out of training after four or six weeks, without a diary. That would be an awful reminder of failure. I failed every run-through, partly because of my conduct on leave was just atrocious. I failed every run through and when it got to the day, there’s so many things that can go wrong. The worst thing about it mate is that as soon as you start th time’s on and you’re having a sense you haven’t got a lot of it. You could wrong foot and you could get caught on the sheep dip and you’re really up against it. You could fail and then you’ve got to get back. You’re flapping about the shoot, whether your weapon’s going to work

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