SHOT In Afghanistan | Special Boat Service | Bought The T-Shirt #251

Shot in Afghanistan features Toby Gutteridge, who was a Special Boat Service soldier, left paralyzed from a bullet through his neck.

SHOT In Afghanistan | Special Boat Service | Toby Gutteridge | Bought The T-Shirt

Toby Gutteridge is a former member of the Special Boat Service. He is also one of the youngest ever recruits to pass their elite selection process. Shot through the neck whilst operating behind enemy lines in Afghanistan, he was unable to breathe for over 20 minutes. Doctors recommended his life-support machine be switched off. With a defiant spirit, Toby pulled through and rebuilt his life. After returning to formal education, Toby attained a first-class honours degree and now runs his own company called, ‘Bravery’. Toby’s book, ‘Never Will I Die’, is a passionate account of life triumphing over death.

Transcript from ‘Shot In Afghanistan’ podcast

Toby – On an operation a sniper got me in their crosshairs and luckily it just winged me. Basically it was a million dollar wound I suppose. One inch to the left and it probably would have taken my arm completely off. It was the Dragonov sniper rifle. If that had been one inch to the left, it would have hit the bone of my upper shoulder and probably would have taken my arm completely off. I would have had to have it amputated so yes, very lucky there. As it went straight clean through and I was back out on the ground soon afterwards.

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