Prison Officer Strangeways 11 Years | Podcast #56

Being a prison officer and spending eleven years in Britain’s notorious ‘Strangeways’ prison, Neil ‘Sammy’ Samworth has many amazing stories to tell. Here he chats with former Royal Marines Commando, Chris Thrall.

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Prison Officer ‘Strangeways’ 11 Years

Neil ‘Sammy’ Samworth spent 11 years as a prison officer in one of Britain’s toughest jails.

Transcript from ‘Prison Officer ‘Strangeways’ 11 Years’ podcast

Chris and Sammy

C – Sammy, how are you brother?

S – I’m good Chris, how are you?

C – Yeah, I’m alright mate thank you, better every day to be honest.

S – Good. That’s what we like to hear.

C – It’s an absolute honour to finally get to meet, albeit through the pleasures of Zoom. I think Zoom is the bane of everybody’s life at the moment.

S – This is my second one, I don’t really know it from the point of view of using it, there we go that’s better.

C – I was trying to think, I had the absolute pleasure of driving to a podcast with Shaun Attwood or it might have been James English, and I was listening to your podcast. I’ve listened to both your podcasts with these guys on the way up in the car, and I was immediately struck Sammy not just with your massive experience as a prison officer but also the compassion that you showed throughout the interview to the people you were in charge of. It was rewarding to hear that there’s people like you out there. I think those of us that grew up with Porridge, you think of Strangeways prison and you think of was it Fulton McKay.

S –  Yeah definitely

C – You know that rigid ex military type, and as I said it’s an honour to finally get to meet you…

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