USMC Instructor PASSES Commando Course | #124

USMC Instructor PASSES Commando Course, features Sgt. Robert Gabrych who was a platoon sergeant in The United States Marine Corp.

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USMC Instructor PASSES Commando Course

Robert was a platoon sergeant in the United States Marine Corp (USMC) who was later attached to the Royal Marines at the training centre in Lympstone and passed the elite commando course. He was an elite swimmer scout who went on to become a police officer in the SWAT team.

Transcript snippet from ‘USMC Instructor PASSES Commando Course’ podcast

Chris and Robert

C – Robert, how are you brother?

R – Chris, I’m doing good mate, how are you?

C – Nice to be called a mate by an American! Do Americans know that’s like an English and Australian thing?

R –  Yeah, we’ve seen enough Guy Ritchie movies now to understand it.

C – It’s buddy in America right?

R – Brother, brother is the big one.

C -I like brother, it’s what we all should be isn’t it. I wanna say Robert, I’ve had some of the best times ever with Americans. I’m proud to have served with them, I was in Sicily with the USMC. I learnt to fly in America and I learnt to skydive in America. It’s such a kind, and wonderful hospitable country…

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