Buddha Bruce Lee & The Matrix | Chris Crudelli | Podcast #238

Buddha, Bruce Lee & The Matrix, features martial-arts champion and presenter of, ‘Mind, Body and Kick-Ass Moves’, Chris Crudellli.

Buddha Bruce Lee & The Matrix

Chris Crudelli is a martial artist, television presenter and author. He is best known as the host of BBC3’s ‘Mind, Body and Kick-Ass Moves’. When Chris was seventeen, he moved to China. There he spent 10 years developing his skills in various temples with various masters. Endorsed by the Southern Shaolin Temple & Abbot, Sifu Chris is a Top Tier Master Teacher of Taiji Quan, Qi Gong & Traditional Kung Fu. Chris chats about The Buddha and stepping out of The Matrix.

Transcript from ‘Buddha Bruce Lee & The Matrix’ podcast

Chris – You know I think it’s quite a peaceful and tolerant philosophy. His name was Siddhartha. He was a prince and his father wanted him to become a king. He left the palace and prior to him going outside of the palace, he’d never seen death or old age. Siddhartha had every luxury you can imagine and then he came out and he saw in the streets, old people dying, sick and poor.

Life contains lots of suffering that we don’t understand. In fact, there’s a lot of suffering when someone gives birth and when you’re born. Suffering of actually acquiring material goods and being separated from them.

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