The UNTOLD Battle For Mount Harriet | Major ‘Molly’ Macpherson #281

The Untold Battle For Mount Harriet

The untold battle for Mount Harriet, features Major Molly Macpherson who took part in the battles for Mount Kent & Mount Harriet.

The UNTOLD Battle For Mount Harriet

Major William ‘Molly’ Macpherson joined the Royal Marines in 1980 and went on to fight in the Falklands War. William served in 42, 40 and 45 commando, going on to become a Mountain Leader. He also worked with the Special Boat Service. Major Macpherson also served as an Instructor at USMC’s Mountain warfare centre for 2 years. With a highly esteemed career, Molly takes us through his days as a young marine, thrust straight into the Falklands War. Hear in detail the stories behind Mount Kent and Mount Harriet, taken mainly by 42 Commando.

Transcript from ‘The UNTOLD Battle For Mount Harriet’ podcast

Molly – Shaking my head, my ears were ringing and touching myself, thinking where have I been hit? Then Dave Pickard was basically shaken and was down in front of me. The wet was still on the hexy cooker which always amazes me that it didn’t fall over.

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