The Youngest Royal Marine In The War | Falklands 40th #274

The Youngest Royal Marine In The War

The youngest Royal Marine in the war features Davey Robb who served with 42 Commando during the battle of Mount Harriet in the Falklands War.

The Youngest Royal Marine In The War | Falklands 40th | Davey Robb

David Robb was the youngest Royal Marine to serve in the Falklands War. He was also the fittest marine in his troop and went on to box at the Commonwealth games in Edinburgh. This is a detailed account of his time with 42 Commando.

Transcript from ‘The Youngest Royal Marine In The War’ podcast

Davey – All of a sudden I was either taken away from defensive or we all became part of it. Our job or my job with Smudge, was to take up a position at the bottom of Mount Harriet, to to the side so to speak. So we’re here at the side, we’ve then got K company on the start line. Then L company come up and our job was to keep their heads down.

As soon as any firing started, our job was to just keep firing at that non-stop, until it stopped and you either got them or they moved.

Chris – Were you in the SF role now?

Davey – Yes I went into SF. I even thought because there was a couple of close ones, of taking my lace because I had spare laces. This sounds stupid but I thought of taking my lace out because it wouldn’t move. This SF is solid. I even thought I’d take my lace out and instead of sticking my head up, actually tying a lace and then pulling it to fire three or four you know?

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