2 Para Battle For Goose Green | Nigel ‘Spud’ Ely | S.A.S. | #270

2 Para Battle For Goose Green

2 Para battle for Goose Green, features Nigel Ely, who served in the Falklands war, going on to become an S.A.S. trooper.

2 Para Battle For Goose Green | Nigel ‘Spud’ Ely

Nigel ‘Spud’ Ely is a veteran of 2 Para and the Special Air Service. He has served all over the globe and is a top-selling author. In this podcast, Nigel gives us his detailed version of events from the battle of Goose Green. He will also be a guest speaker at our forthcoming Falklands 40th anniversary event.

Transcript from ‘2 Para Battle For Goose Green’ podcast

Nigel – We had 20 odd prisoners but the heavy arms firing hadn’t died down they were still mortaring Darwin hill. They were still mortaring our positions eith artillery and then they flew in special forces in Huey’s and a couple of Chinooks. Then with these prisoners, these two Pakaras came around and didn’t attack. They came back again about 10 minutes later and they one of them dropped Napalm! They dropped a Napalm bomb and it actually dropped about 20 meters from me, well I’d say about 15 meters from me.

The momentum went away from me and missed the prisoners, but it singed me and it singed a couple of the other guys, so that’s how close it was. That combined with John Knox telling the Argies where we were, just made us enraged. What the hell are they doing dropping Napalm? This is fucking crazy you know, it’s outlawed.

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