I Lost EIGHT Stone & RAN A 100-MILE Ultramarathon | Podcast #248

I Lost EIGHT Stone

I Lost eight stone & ran a 100 mile ultramarathon, features Richard Wilcox, a veteran of the Staffordshire Regiment.

I Lost EIGHT Stone & RAN A 100-MILE Ultramarathon

Richard Wilcox served with the Staffordshire Regiment. After suffering with PTSD, Richard became seriously overweight during the first lockdown period in 2020. He decided to change his lifestyle. After watching videos of ultra running online, he was inspired to take up the sport. He signed up for a 100 mile race and spent a year in intense training. By the end of that year, he’d lost eight stone in the process.

Richard has now taken on 30 marathons in thirty days, to raise money for the mental health charity, Combat Stress. In total, Richard ran for 150 hours and covered more than 790 miles. He’d climbed a total elevation of 61,582ft, equating to getting to the summit of Everest twice. So far, his extraordinary efforts have raised just over £1,500 for Combat Stress. Thank you to Andrew Marshall for bringing Richard’s story to our attention.

Transcript from ‘I Lost EIGHT Stone & RAN A 100-MILE Ultramarathon’ podcast

Richard – I used to get pretty out of breath just going up the stairs and just walking up a slight incline. A hill would have me out of breath and I would have to stop if it was a big hill. There was one ill on holiday and it was probably about 500 meters, with quite a steep incline. I’d stop off wide just for a breather and my grandkids on another holiday were making fun of me.

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