Man DOWN! | Afghanistan | Falklands | Northern Ireland | Podcast | #189


Man down! features Chris Thrall chatting with fellow veteran Royal Marines, regarding their experiences in conflict and PTSD.

Man DOWN! | Afghanistan | Falklands | Northern Ireland | Podcast | #189

Former Royal Marine Corporal Ric Coulson served on multiple operational tours including Afghanistan, Iraq and Sierra Leone. Ric witnessed the savage, brutal nature of war fighting and he took part in close-quarter battle. Former Royal Marines Major, Andy Shaw, is a King’s Badgeman and Sword of Honour recipient. Andy experienced the utter horror of combat in the Falklands Conflict. What these two men don’t know about war, isn’t worth listening to. What they do know about its effects, is this.

Transcript from ‘Man DOWN!’ podcast

Andy – The war fighting wasn’t anything like what Ric has been through. The two main events that my organization went through, included an ambush that went badly wrong. It was a fighting patrol that was meant to go and destroy some enemy positions. We had a thing called a, ‘blue on blue’. That resulted in four fatalities and three men very seriously injured.

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