Veteran Paratrooper Held Hostage By The Taliban | Anthony Stephen Malone #287

Veteran Paratrooper Held Hostage By The Taliban, features Anthony Stephen Malone who was helping British nationals escape from Afghanistan.

Veteran Paratrooper Held Hostage By The Taliban | Anthony Stephen Malone

Anthony Stephen Malone is a former British Paratrooper and security adviser. He has featured on many news channels, including ITV and SKY News. Whilst trying to secure free passage for British citizens in Afghanistan, he was taken for questioning by The Taliban and held for six months.

Transcript from ‘Veteran Paratrooper Held Hostage By The Taliban’ podcast

Anthony – The problem any country is going to have, is who’s going to want to invest in a country where it’s not stable. The security situation is deteriorating, the economy is deteriorating as well. The Taliban were telling the Chinese that everything has been okay. The Chinese promised a large amount of money which was hundreds of millions, to be given to The Taliban. A small amount has changed hands but a lot of it has not.

Everyone’s just pulling back the actual reins and watching what happens. There isn’t just the Chinese who are interested in the natural resources in Afghanistan. You’ve got the Americans, the British and other European countries all trying to talk to the taliban.

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