History Of The SAS | Special Air Service | #109

History Of The SAS, features Damien Lewis who is an author and filmaker. He has also written many best selling books about the British Special-Forces.

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History Of The SAS

Damien Lewis is a British author and filmmaker who has spent over twenty years reporting from conflict zones. He has produced about twenty films and written numerous bestselling books chronicling British Special Forces operations from the 2nd World War to Iraq, Afghanistan and Operation Barras in Sierra Leone.

Transcript from ‘History Of The SAS| Special Air Service’ podcast

Chris and Damien

C – Damien, how are you Sir?

D – Very good, very good. It’s a beautiful morning and the sun is shining.

C – Yes, you’re up in Dorset way I believe.

D – Yeah, I live in the middle of nowhere in Dorset, very peaceful, great for writing. Great for lockdown, if you’re going to be anywhere, it’s here.

C – Are you near the Isle of Purbeck by any chance?

D – Yeah about a twenty minute drive away.

C – I’ve got a good friend who has a holiday home down there.

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Celebrity SAS Who Dares Wins 2020 Podcast with Colin Maclachlan

I’m Chris Thrall, a former Royal Marines Commando. In this incredibly insightful podcast I chat to former Special Air Service Trooper Colin Maclachlan about his career in the Special Forces and working alongside Ant Middleton, Jason ‘Foxy’ Fox, Oliie Ollerton and Billy Billingham on the hit Channel 4 TV show SAS Who Dares Wins.

Colin explained the difference between the SAS, Navy SEALS, Delta Force and the Special Boat Service, ‘SBS’, and their various military roles.

In addition to Operation Barras and HAHO and HALO skydiving, we discussed the current debate highlighted by former SAS soldier Rusty Firmin, who helped plan the Iranian Embassy hostage rescue during the 1980 siege of whether the shouting and swearing on the show is realistic or TV planning. Plus how celebrities like DJ Leon Rolle, Countryfile’s Helen Skelton, Jack Maynard of YouTube fame, boxer Tony Bellew, former footballer Josh Fashanu, Anthea Turner, Brendan Cole, Nikki Sanderson, radio DJ Yasmin Evans and Paralympian Lauren Steadman would fare in reality

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