Special Boat Service Legend | OP Spartan Founder | #24

Special Boat Service Legend, features Stephen Burns MC chatting with Chris Thrall about his time with The Royal Marines, then going on to join the SBS. He now runs ‘Operation Spartan’ which is a unformed services and veteran community.

Special Boat Service Legend | OP Spartan Founder | #24

Transcript snippet from ‘Special Boat Service Legend’ podcast.

Hello Friends,
In this podcast I talk to SBS legend Stephen Burns MC, about his time in the marines and SBS. We also talk about the struggle of leaving military service, including finding focus after hitting the self destruct button with drink. Stephen used ‘Rock2Recovery’ to understand where his PTSD originated from. He now runs ‘Operation Spartan’ which is a unformed services and veteran community. A spellbinding journey from rock bottom to the tip top.

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