Executed In The Falklands | Podcast #173

Executed in The Falklands is part of the Brian Short story. Brian chats with Commando Chris Thrall.

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Executed In The Falklands

Brian Short joined the Royal Marines, not as a commando but as a bandsman. The Royal Marines Band is the finest military marching band in the world, but this doesn’t mean they don’t go to war. In this emotional podcast Brian tells his traumatic story, dealing with both Argentine and British casualties.

Transcript from ‘Executed In The Falklands’ podcast

B – I very much knew in my own mind at that time, that we were going to win this war. Not because what I or the band were doing, but when you saw the professionalism and the fitness of the marines and the paras, you were training every day on Canberra. We know what they go through at Lympstone. I had no doubt that whoever they were going up against, these boys were going to commit acts of gross violence against the enemy and they were going to win.

C – I’m just looking at your notes and I’m trying not to get ahead of ourselves Brian. So what was D-Day in San Carlos like?

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