SAS Trooper Bring Me The Arse Of Saddam | Bought The T-Shirt #221

SAS trooper bring me the arse of Saddam, features SAS legend, Nigle ‘Spud’ Ely, with his tale of attaining part of the famous statue of Saddam Hussain.

SAS Trooper Bring Me The Arse Of Saddam

Nigel ‘Spud’ Ely’s soldiering career was with the Parachute Regiment, followed by the SAS. Spud then found work as a Military Consultant and a war photojournalist. His career has taken him in to some of the most deadly, high-octane, violent battles of the modern era. From Northern Ireland to Iraq, Spud has been in the thick of the most ferocious fighting of modern times. His book, ‘Bring Me The Arse Of Saddam’, is his story of trying to keep hold of his momento from Iraq.

Transcript from ‘SAS Trooper Bring Me The Arse Of Saddam’ podcast

Nigel – Yes I’ve got a book coming out in March next year, called ‘Goose Green uncensored voices’. It took me three years to put together and I basically traveled up and down this great nation of ours, to interview the guys that were there, including the civilians, the navy and air force. Also the guys that work there at the front and the guys that helped us win the battle. So that’s kind of an exciting project that’s been reviewed at the Frankfurt book show this week. I’m really excited about that. I left the paras, joined the S.A.S. and I was one of the youngest to join at the time.

I left the the S.A.S. then went on to do military contracting which they now call, ‘The business’, in Iraq and Afghanistan. We used to call it body guarding but now they call it C.P. don’t they? Then I became a war correspondent and I covered a bit of Afghanistan. Basically I wanted to cover the invasion or liberation of Iraq, depending on what side of the political fence you sit at.

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