BBC Film Danny Boy | Brian Wood MC | Podcast #151

The BBC film and docudrama, ‘Battle Of Danny Boy’ Brian Wood MC, features Brian Wood MC chatting with Chris Thrall. The soldier was falsely accused by disgraced lawyer, Phil Shiner, of war crimes during The Iraq war.  Shiner’s firm were behind 65% of the allegations received by IHAT.

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BBC Film Danny Boy | Brian Wood MC

Brian Wood MC, former Colour Sergeant with The Princes of Wales Royal Regiment, was awarded the Military Cross. This is one of Britain’s highest awards for gallantry in combat, by Her Majesty The Queen II, following his courageous leadership under enemy fire in Iraq. In the heat of a lethal close quarters battle, fighting outnumbered, he seized the initiative, taking a split-second decision to lead his men into the teeth of enemy fire. This was the first bayonet charge by British soldiers in 25 years. Read Brian’s book ‘Double Crossed’

Danny Boy is now a BBC docudrama (documentary drama) film.

Transcript from ‘BBC Film Danny Boy | Brian Wood MC’ podcast

C – Brian, how are you brother?

B – Yeah I’m good thank you. Thanks for having me on, I appreciate it. We’ve been trying for a while now so it’s good to get on.

C – Yeah, we seem to be passing ships, like I am with a lot of my guests on social media. We’re out there doing our stuff, when we finally get together it’s all good huh?

B – Absolutely, absolutely.

C – I’m going to start by asking where do you get you drive from Brian. We’ll probably come on to talk about everything you’ve been through which is enough to tread down ten men, if not a hundred. You’re so busy all the time, you tend to get so much done, is there any philosophy we can learn from there.

B – Do you know what, I’m not the Oracle and I’ll never claim to be. I’m just driven by hard work.

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