Skydiving Into The Sea With Sharks | Royal Marines | #90

Skydiving Into The Sea With Sharks, features James Glancy, a passionate wildlife conservationist, tv presenter and keen adventure sportsman. James was an Officer in the elite British Royal Marines and here he talks with Chris Thrall about his career, hosting Discovery Channel’s ‘Shark Week’ and presenting ‘Planet SOS’.

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Skydiving Into The Sea With Sharks | Royal Marines

James Glancy is a passionate wildlife conservationist and keen adventure sportsman. James is a host on Discovery Channel’s Shark Week and presents ‘Planet SOS,’ the environmental wildlife show on the Mail Plus. He has spent his life outdoors in wild and hostile places. As a child, James was taught to dive and swim with sharks by a former US Navy Seal who inspired him to join the British military. Over a 10 year military career, James was an Officer in the elite British Royal Marines. He deployed on multiple tours around the world, including three combat tours of Afghanistan. In 2012, he was awarded the prestigious Conspicuous Gallantry Cross (CGC) for leadership and bravery on the frontline. A keen military historian, James read Modern History at the University of Oxford, where he also Captained the Blues Varsity Boxing team. James is also a co-founder of international risk consultancy, AnotherDay. Since leaving the armed forces, James has returned to his childhood passion for wildlife and shark diving. He is now a Director of a conservation charity, Veterans 4 Wildlife, where he focuses on the preservation of African wildlife and combating the global trade in shark fins. James is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

Transcript snippet from ‘Skydiving Into The Sea With Sharks | Royal Marines’ podcast

C – James, how are you Sir?

J – Good thanks Sir, always good to speak to a fellow bootneck, and finding out another one of us has made it onto the online and media industry.

C – A meagre foray I think you could say but it’s all exciting stuff. I have to say I’m really honoured James, I really am, for so many reasons, least of which is the work you’re doing to protect wildlife. I was just watching one of your videos there with the lions. I’ve lived in China and the odds are stacked against these beautiful creatures…

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