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Falklands War 40th Anniversary features veterans from the army, navy and marines, who fought to retake the British Islands.

Falklands War 40th Anniversary | UNTOLD Stories

The Falklands War was instigated on April 2nd 1982, when General Galtieri’s Argentine forces invaded the Falkland Islands and South Georgia. 68 Royal Marines who were newly stationed on the islands, fought a determined battle against overwhelming Argentine forces. With little options available, Governor Rex Hunt implimented a ceasefire, asking the Royal Marines to stand-down. Unfortunately for the Argentine forces, Margaret Thatcher’s government was intent on retaking British territory back. Her government quickly set about sending a taskforce over 8000 miles, to take back the islands. In this Falklands 40th anniversary podcast, we hear from the troops who won the battles. Their actions ultimately led to Galtieri’s dictatorship coming to an end.

Transcript from ‘Falklands War 40th Anniversary’ podcast

Ricky – There were not quite 70 of us today and when we come back, we’re bringing the whole corps and there’ll be seven thousand of us. He said, you should have seen him, the guy was crying.

Andy – The company commander had called us in and he told us about the battle of Goose Green. That was the 28th of May. That was the day Colonel Jones was killed with 17 others of his battalion. I was in the first land battle and up to that point, we had no idea it was happening. My mother in Wales knew more about the Falklands war than I did and it came as a complete surprise to discover a battalion attack had been put in. It was a very gutsy thing to do and I’ve got great respect for the paras who were massively outnumbered with none of the support they expected.

To hear their C.O. had been killed along with everybody else was a real shock. The BBC world service told the world, including the enemy that we were about to attack. Colonel Jones said to his own group that he was going to sue the bastards when he got back and obviously he didn’t.

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