Stolen Valor Exposed | The Truth Behind Walter Mitty #70

Stolen valor exposed, sees Chris chatting with Ben regarding the truth behind eteran impersonation.

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Stolen Valor Exposed The Truth Behind Walter Mitty

My most heroic guest to date helps me explore the truth behind veteran impersonation aka Water Mitty or Stolen Valor (valour – UK spelling)

Transcript snippet from ‘Stolen Valor Exposed | The Truth Behind Walter Mitty’ podcast

Chris and Ben

C – Ben, how are you brother?

B – I’m doing good how are you?

C – Running out of clever replies, that probably aren’t really that clever.

B – When someone asks me this at work or whatever my usual reply when someone asks me how are you? I answer loving life. No matter what type of day it is, it’s positive affirmation. Sometimes good is just as sufficient, but I think if you say that enough times it gets contagious and other people start to say it whether they mean it or not.

C – I don’t mean to be rude to my guests but they’ve got to sort out the way they fricking speak man. All this “I’m good”. This is England, we’re British and we’re very proud about that. We’re not nationalistic but we’re proud not to have to copy other countries. People can speak how they want, of course they can but I do think though. I think people who are easily swayed with their language just start saying what other people say. You know like this ‘passed’ thing instead of died. They use ‘passed’. I personally think there’s a lot to dissect there…

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