The British Military’s Dark Secret | Alex Guest | #180

The British Military’s Dark Secret, features Alex Guest chatting with Chris Thrall.

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The British Military’s Dark Secret | Alex Guest

Alex Guest chats with Chris Thrall in ‘The British Military’s Dark Secret’, podcast. Friends, here are some links to various charities and organisations. If you have been affected by the issues raised in this video and need professional help, then please reach out. The first step is often the hardest.

Transcript from The British Military’s Dark Secret podcast.

A – I’d only really considered the impact that his actions, or lack of actions, had on my life after he passed away. I wasn’t actually free to judge him at all. I saw his pain and trauma but then when he wasn’t alive, it make me really think about how unsafe my childhood was and how I was honoring him in his death.

C – Let’s talk about his service because the Falklands is a big old thing for anyone to go through. Was he on the ground over there?

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