The FALKLANDS WAR Horror You NEVER Hear | 40th Anniversary


The Falklands War horror you never hear, features Sean from the Royal Navy chatting with Chris about war and traumatic stress disorder.

The FALKLANDS WAR Horror You NEVER Hear | 40th Anniversary

Sean and Chris chat about the horrors of war and post traumatic stress disorder. Sean is a veteran of the Royal Navy and his father served as a Royal Marine. Sadly, Sean’s father suffered with PTSD and took his own life.

Transcript from ‘The FALKLANDS WAR Horror You NEVER Hear’ podcast

Sean – My trade was survival equipment and I worked closely with air crew and stuff like that. I did some survival, so basically packing life rafts, parachutes and anything that you get air crew to do. I did 5 drills dunker air, which was running around new forest and getting stripped naked afterwards. The interrogation bit that was easy so I got marked above average from joint services interrogation organization. I did a few ships company drafts squadrons of 771, search and rescue and bounced around Illustrious. Then out in the middle east a bit.

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