3 Para In Northern Ireland | Stuart Griffiths | Bought The T-Shirt #267

3 PARA In Northern Ireland

3 Para In Northern Ireland features Stuart Griffiths who gives a no holds barred account of what life was like as a young paratrooper.

3 Para In Northern Ireland | Stuart Griffiths

Dr Stuart Griffiths is a veteran of 3 Parachute Regiment and an award-winning photographer. With photographs and articles have been published internationally in VICE, Vanity Fair, Sunday Express, Mirror, Guardian & Sunday Times Magazine. His books include, ‘The Myth Of The Airborne Warrior’ and ‘Pig’s Disco’.

Transcript from ‘3 Para In Northern Ireland’ podcast

Stuart – I was waiting to go to Somalia with Vice and then that changed. We were then going to go to Nigeria. I had about 500 pounds worth of inoculations in my arm from this Harley street clinic. Going nowhere, so I wrote this radio play called, ‘Pig’s Disco’. It sort of started because 1990 was a really full-on year. A lot of stuff happened and then we were on Christmas party guard duty at the palace. Anyway one of the senior guys from from the platoon was going, have you ever tried any acid?

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