PTSD Therapy & Veterans Support | Podcast #177

PTSD Therapy & Veterans Support

In this fascinating podcast I discussed PTSD, therapy & veterans support with Anoushka Farouk

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PTSD Therapy & Veterans Support

Anoushka Farouk is a rapid transformational therapy practitioner, a spiritual well-being coach & author. We chat about dealing with and coping with depression, anxiety and other mental health challenges.

‘Guiding ambitious visionaries, entrepreneurs and leaders to dig deep, peel back the layers and discover the creativity, intelligence and excellence that is unleashed when we release the burdens of deep seated fear and self doubt.’

Chris Thrall supports veterans and has a natural interest in learning more about therapy and support.

Transcript from ‘PTSD Therapy & Veterans Support Podcast’

C – I’m learning a lot about trauma as the podcast goes on. I deal with a lot of military types is that a lot of us servicemen and women join up with childhood trauma. Unresolved childhood trauma which when you compound it with some possibly unpleasant experiences in military can then manifest as problem behaviour later in life for veterans who end up needing support. So Anoushka, what is rapid transformational therapy?

A – It’s been a long time coming. The last 12 years I’ve been working a spiritual program of recovery from my own traumas (PTSD) …

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