Royal Marines Commando Recruit Troop Boss And Kat! | Bought The T-Shirt #302

Royal Marines Commando Recruit Troop Boss

Royal Marines Commando Recruit Troop Boss, features Jock Hutchison who founded Horseback UK to help veterans with PTSD.

Royal Marines Commando Recruit Troop Boss And Kat!

Jock Hutchison is president and co-founder of Horseback UK. He was a commissioned officer in the Royal Marines and saw service all over the world. Jock was selected to be a helicopter pilot and served across all branches of the British Armed Forces. Horseback UK was set up to help veterans with life-changing injuries, although that demographic has changed to include civilians.
Kat Henderson worked as a nurse in Australia, before joining the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. After being an outdoors adventurer, she had a life changing moment from a biking accident in France, which saw her paralysed from the waist down. She is now on the team with Horseback UK.

Transcript from ‘Royal Marines Commando Recruit Troop Boss And Kat!’ podcast

Jock – We help people from the military community and others and our job is to help people that have really hit rock bottom, to reconnect to their former self and re-establish themselves in the world. I’ll talk about that as we go on but that’s our mission.

Chris – Is that how you met Kat and do you want to explain how that came about?

Jock – Yes I’ll introduce Kat. You know I was a member of our team, the Royal Marines which encouraged values that have never left me. Speaking to Chris, it’s great to hear that you know whatever happens in life, I don’t think that kind of experience ever leaves you. We needed to put a team together to help the work that we do and at the heart of that idea is the idea of empowering people from within the community.

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