Scuba Diving Accidents | Trauma | Dennis O’Connor | #36

scuba diving
Scuba Diving Accidents, features Irishman Dennis O’Connor, a mental health, anxiety and depression specialist, now living down under in Australia.
Have you ever wondered what it’s like when your air runs out whilst Scuba-diving underwater? Watch this amazing podcast with mental health, anxiety and depression specialist Dennis O’Connor.

Transcript snippet from ‘Scuba Diving Accidents’ podcast.

Chris and Dennis

C – Hello Friends.

C – Dennis, how are you mate?

D – Very good Chris and yourself?

C-  Yes it’s amazing, no delightful to be talking to you in Australia, although I should have read your linked in profile better, as I didn’t realise you’re an Irishman down there.

D – Yes I thought the name would have given it away, the O’Connor part of it.

C – So I know the English sent our convicts down to Australia, was it the same for Ireland, or is my history really that bad?

D – No, your history is good, they did send them here. Some would say it’s the reason I’m here, but I’m denying everything!’

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