Arctic Warfare Training AWT | Royal Marines | #75

Arctic Warfare Training AWT | Royal Marines Commando Unit, features Chris Thrall talking about the commando’s training in Norway.

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Arctic Warfare Training AWT | Royal Marines Commando Unit

Ever wondered what it is like to fight in the Norwegian Arctic, carrying an eighty pound bergen on a pair of skis, jumping into ice-cold water and sleeping in a snowcave? In this podcast I talk about my arctic warfare training in Norway (AWT) in the first year of a Royal Marines Commando Unit.

Transcript snippet from ‘Arctic Warfare Training AWT’ podcast


C – Hello friends, I hope this finds you well. Welcome back to another in my what’s the royal marines really like series. I’ve been really looking forward to doing this for quite some time now, because I’m going to talk about Norway, which looking back at least was an experience I was so glad I went through, if maybe I wasn’t so happy at the time for reasons I’ll explain. So Norway is where the Royal Marines do their Arctic Warfare training. I first sort of came across the Norway experience as opposed to just hearing about it when I was on rear party at 42 Commando. So I left for training in February, bitterly cold when we did our commando tests and I went to 42 Commando which is at Bickley, just outside Plymouth, and I was on something called rear party which is basically guard duty. The reason being the whole unit were away on winter deployment or exercise and this was of course in Norway where 42 and 45 commando go every year, at least that’s how it was when I served…

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The Alphabet of Vietnam by Jonathan Chamberlain

When men come back from war they bring the war back with them …

Having read two of Jonathan Chamberlain’s memoirs – King Hui about a Hong Kong playboy and Wordjazz for Stevie, a touching tribute to Jonathan’s late daughter who was born profoundly handicapped – I was really looking forward to reading ‘The Alphabet of Vietnam’ and seeing how Jonathan turns his hand to fiction. I was more than impressed. It is an exceptional piece of writing, well researched, one that explores the light and dark in every ‘man’s’ soul in a refreshingly unapologetic manner.

The story unfolds through a series of skillfully interwoven narratives: Two psychotic – or perhaps completely sane – Vietnam veterans who bring their sick war games home with them. A brother who comes to question all he believes in an attempt to do what is right. A return to modern-day Vietnam that explores US war crimes and the country’s rich history and culture through a series of cleverly though out vignettes.

‘And then there is love – and love is complicated …’

What a great book!

Chris Thrall is the author of Eating Smoke: One Man’s Descent into Drug Psychosis in Hong Kong’s Triad Heartland – a bestselling true story.